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LTC – Long Term Care IT Implementation

Posted on July 25, 2016 | Categories: HealthCare, HealthCare IT, Managed Long Term Care, Medicaid Long Term Care, Medicare, MLTC, PACE, Program and Project Management | Posted by: admin

LTC – Long Term Care IT Implementation


  • Overview of Long Term Care (LTC)
    • CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant
    • CNH – Certified Nursing Homes
    • CNF – Certified Nursing Facilities
    • Traditional Long Term Care (TLTC) Vs Person Centered Care (PCC)
    • SNF – Skilled Nursing Facilities


  • Long-Term Care Services / Activities covered
    • Activities & Exercises
    • Bathing
    • Dining
    • Measurement – Program Quality, Resident Satisfaction, Staff Interaction
    • Medication Administration
    • Nurse Administration
    • Physician Administration
    • Transportation


  • LTC Leadership
    • Administrator / CEO/ COO
    • Director of Dietary
    • Director of Housekeeping
    • Director of Human Resources
    • Director of Maintenance/ Engineering
    • Director of Nursing
    • Director of Technology
    • Director of Training/Education
    • Medical Director


  • The Care Team
    • Activities Facilitator
    • CAN / / Nursing Aide
    • Dietary Aide
    • Housekeeper
    • Pharmacist
    • Social Worker
    • Unit Nurse (RN)


  • Health Information Technology (IT) in Long-Term Care (LTC) Settings per HHS
    • Completing government mandated data sets are distinct from the processes used to maintain EHRs
    • Health IT in LTC is well behind that of physician offices and hospitals but improving
    • Lack of Capital Resources & Lack of computer skills among LTC staff
    • lack of standards for sharing information in an interoperable manner


  • Benefits of EMR in LTC
    • Enhanced communication and information exchange between varied entities viz. physicians, staff, residents, families of residents, pharmacies, and others
    • Improved provider efficiency and satisfaction
    • Improved regulatory compliance
    • Reduced medical errors and increased resident and patient safety.
    • Valuable information available at the point of care


  • LTC Challenges
    • Discontinuity of Care
    • Dissatisfaction of Residents and Staff
    • Insufficient Funding
    • Lack of Interoperable Standards
    • Regulatory and Legal
    • Staff Turnover
    • Staff Turnover
    • Technology Upgrade



  • LTC Reimbursements / Payments for 40 million members
    • Medicaid – 60%
    • Medicare – 15%
    • Private Insurance – 25%


Contact – Manish for IT / EMR Implementation for LTC at 646.644.3049 or

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Clinical IT Senior Project Manager – Roles & Responsibilities

Posted on July 21, 2016 | Categories: Health Insurance, HealthCare IT, Medicaid Long Term Care, Medicare, MLTC | Posted by: admin

Clinical IT Senior Project Manager – Roles & Responsibilities


  • The Senior Project Manager of Clinical Integration is responsible for managing the performance and functions of assigned projects. This entails planning, reviewing and controlling the activities and conduct of project team members and/or team leaders for multiple project teams charged with the analysis, requirements definition, selection, implementation and review of major information technology systems.
  • The Senior Project Manager is responsible for pre-implementation analysis and process re-design affecting the business and care processes to support organizational operations, and for measuring the effectiveness of, and recommending post-implementation strategies for enhancing the usefulness of all assigned computer system application programs, technologies and systems required to support the needs of the organization.
  • The PM Provides assistance in the management of contracts and budgets for projects that may involve multi-million dollar agreements.
  • Analyzes and recommends procedural standards and changes to enhance user tasks and correct problem areas, as they become known, prior to systems go-live.
  • Confers with hardware and software vendors providing programming and analysis services.
  • Contacts vendors regarding systems issues to receive support information or assistance.
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills, possesses good negotiating skills and promotes teamwork among IT, users, vendors and consultant team members.
  • Develop detailed project schedules for all assigned projects, mapping dates and resources to tasks. Monitor progress and resolve approved deviations from plan.
  • Developing technical project plans, budgets, and technical specifications.
  • Develops and implements effective tools to measure performance against quality standards, and to document and regularly report on all plans, priorities, schedules, budgets, team assignments, and the current status of assigned projects.
  • Develops and implements effective written mechanisms to document and report on all plans, priorities, schedules and the current status of all projects.
  • Develop, plan and manages detailed project budgets, tracking all capital and operational expenditures and regularly reporting the budgetary status of all assigned project budgets including hardware, software and support components.
  • Establishes and monitors project quality objectives, milestones and benchmarks.
  • Insures test plans are executed by qualified personnel and that test results are documented.
  • Insures that systems are brought live only after full validation of functionality based on results of testing and resolution of issues, including technical resolution and/or development of work-arounds acceptable to end-user and departmental leadership.
  • Insuring engineering, architecture, and design of technology infrastructure to support software products.
  • Interfaces with and supports staff in all areas and at all levels in the definition of requirements, selection, design, development, and implementation, of information systems.
  • Knowledge of middle-ware and database techniques used to exchange information between applications.
  • Maintains follow-up process for system deficiencies and issues reports.
  • Negotiates software fix delivery dates in order to maintain progress within defined project timelines and budgets.
  • Oversees development of detailed description of user-required program functions, and steps required for developing, implementing and/or modifying computer programs.
  • Plans, prioritizes, delegates and reviews the work of assigned project staff; establishes schedules and methods for achieving project goals and objectives; and reviews work products, makes corrections and coordinates staff training and development efforts.
  • Plans, prioritizes, manages and schedules of large, complex projects, often overseeing multiple efforts and coordinating activities of other project managers.
  • Provides effective oral and written communications to staff to facilitate understanding, ownership and accomplishment of project goals and objectives.
  • Provides ongoing leadership and motivation to ensure that the project teams are focused, committed and capable of producing expected results.
  • Provides oversight in the design and development of software applications, interfaces and custom programming, and testing processes through definition of test plans, test review and analysis, end-to-end system integration testing, and certification of software. Familiar with standard testing concepts, practices, and procedures.
  • Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates systems and user needs.
  • Supports implementation of software applications.
  • System Integration Planning: Designs plans for interfacing and integrating various software packages as necessary.
  • Utilizes complex project management tools to define boundaries, set priorities, plan, and manage multiple projects.
  • Works with IT and business stakeholders to formulate system parameters to parallel overall business strategies.


Contact – Manish at 646.644.3049 /

Medicare Advantage – Software Platform by Techcusp

Posted on November 9, 2014 | Categories: Analytics, Apps, BPM, Business Intelligence, Care Management, Consulting, CRM, Database, Document Management, Health Cusp, Health Exchange, Health Insurance, HealthCare, Insurance, Managed Long Term Care, Medicaid Long Term Care, Medicare, MLTC, Mobile Apps, PACE, Payers, Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM), Portal, Qulaity Assurance (Testing), Software Development, Tech Cusp, | Posted by: admin

Medicare Advantage – Software Platform by Techcusp


We could build custom software for your Medicare Advantage, MAPD, PDP, Self-funded, Health Co-Op, MLTC, PACE Plans to cover your niche workflows from Mobile Apps to Enrollment, Claims & Accounting Integration.


Salient features of Techcusp MA software


  • Analytics
  • Document reconciliation and management
  • EGWP
  • Eligibility management
  • Enrollment / disenrollment management
  • Member mail management (member record storage of in and outbound communications)
  • Multi-channel capability – phone, web, chat, SMS
  • PBM integration
  • Premium billing and collections
  • Reporting and Dashboard
  • Three-way reconciliation (CMS, fiduciary, PBM)


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About Techcusp

Posted on October 27, 2014 | Categories: Analytics, Apps, Banking/Fs, BPM, Business Intelligence, Care Management, Consulting, CRM, Database, Document Management, Employee Benefits, Health Cusp, Health Exchange, Health Insurance, HealthCare, Insurance, ISVs, IT Services, JAVA, Managed Long Term Care, Medicaid Long Term Care, Medicare, MLTC, Mobile Apps, PACE, Payers, PBMs, Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM), Portal, PPO Network, Providers, Qulaity Assurance (Testing), RCM, Software Development, Tech Cusp,, Technology Stacks, TPAs, Website Development | Posted by: admin

What is (TCC)?


  • TCC is IT Services & Software Development firm with sweet spot into Insurance, HealthCare & Banking


What are the Services of TCC?


  • Application Development
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Quality Assurance (QA – Testing)
  • Mobility (MDM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) – Data Warehouse, Data Analytics, Data Dashboard
  • System Integration
  • Staffing – Consulting


What are the Products (IP) of TCC?


  • Pharmacy Dashboard & Reporting


How TCC is different?


  • We are focused into Mid-market opportunities i.e. deal size less than $10 million.
  • We are USA HQ firm
  • We are focused into Insurance IT, HealthCare IT and Banking IT
  • TCC Delivery capabilities are Managed Services (Onshore-Offshore), Consulting Services (Onshore-Onsite)
  • We are Price competitive
  • TCC Management & Executive Team has over 100 Years of work experience into domain, workflows, IT & Outsourcing space


What are sister firms of TCC?


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Insurance IT, HealthCare IT & Banking IT resources –

Posted on July 7, 2014 | Categories: Analytics, Apps, Banking/Fs, Business Intelligence, Care Management, CRM, Document Management, Health Cusp, Health Exchange, Health Insurance, HealthCare, Insurance, ISVs, IT Services, Managed Long Term Care, Medicaid Long Term Care, Medicare, MLTC, Mobile Apps, PACE, Payers, PBMs, PPO Network, Qulaity Assurance (Testing), RCM, Software Development, Tech Cusp,, Technology Stacks | Posted by: admin

Reach out o us for Insurance, HealthCare & Banking IT Resources 



  • Program / Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Project Managers (PM)
  • Business Analytics (BA)
  • Software Developers (SD)
  • Solution Architects (SA)


Big Data

  • Business Intelligence(BI)
  • Data Warehouse (DW)
  • Database Administration (DBA)
  • Data Analytics (DA)
  • Data Migration (DM)
  • Portal


Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Pega
  • Lombardi
  • Appian
  • MS BizTalk


Quality Assurance (Testing – COE)

  • Selenium
  • Load Runner
  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Server Side Automation


Application Development & Maintenance (ADM)

  • JAVA Technology
  • Microsoft Technology
  • Oracle Technology
  • Open Source



  • Apple – iOS Apps
  • Google – Android Apps


Document Management (Workflows)

  • Share Point


Banking & Financial Services

  • Front-end Trading Solutions
  • Asset Management
  • Cash Management
  • Payment Gateway
  • eBusiness / eCommerce
  • Staff Augmentation / Contractors


Insurance & HealthCare

  • Duck Creek
  • UnirisX
  • ALIP
  • Plexis
  • Allscripts


Co-Product Development (Framework)

  • Tele-Health
  • Electronic Health Records (EMR/HER)
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBMs)
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Clinical Services
  • Care Management
  • Wellness Management
  • Claims
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Health Exchanges
  • Automated Audit Tools
  • MLTC
  • Home HealthCare


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